Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (2024)

Obby = Obstacle CourseRobux = Roblox in-game currency
Roblox experience = Roblox gameXP = experience points

Roblox offers a variety of math-tastic adventures that can be incredibly beneficial for parents looking for educational games for their kids. Did you know that many Roblox Maths games can be helpful for children with ADHD? They are designed to improve cognitive skills like attention, problem-solving, and memory. Exciting and engaging gameplay keeps kids, who have trouble focusing, engaged for longer periods of time.

Whilst there are many games that use the word Math/s in their name, I’ve found when playing them they’re often so buggy or boring that they’re not worth introducing to my students – so I figured why not make a list of the best Maths games on Roblox, to save you the headache of trying them all out yourself! There are quite a few other games that I use with my students that aren’t exclusively Maths related but still have a lot of great mathematical content inside, which I’ll include in another blog post later – so stay tuned!

All the games we’ve listed below offer adjustable difficulty levels, allowing players to choose a level that’s appropriate for their skills and attention span. Some examples of the Maths games on Roblox that may be beneficial for neurodivergent children include The Math Obby, Tower of Math, and Math Difficulty Chart Obby.

So, let’s jump straight into our ranking of The Best Maths Games on Roblox that you should definitely check out with your child!

[1] The Math Obby

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (1)

Topics: Addition & Multiplication – more topics coming in Summer 2023!

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Created by BrainySpinach (yup, that’s me!) ‘The Math Obby’ is an exciting Roblox math-stravaganza game that combines obstacle courses with Maths problems. In this game, players will need to navigate through a series of progressively more challenging courses while solving Maths equations along the way. From simple addition to more complex multiplication, the Maths problems will put players’ skills to the test, but at a pace that suits them. The questions and courses also generate differently each time, so your child will never get bored of playing through the stages!

Each stage is designed to be both fun and educational, and as players level up, they’ll be showered with exciting in-game rewards: a jetpack, wings, or an ever-growing zoo of different pets that will follow them around! Practice Maths to unlock every possible item – and unlike almost all games on Roblox, each and every unlockable is completely free, and only requires your child doing the Maths! No Robux needed.

With its engaging gameplay and educational content, The Math Obby is the perfect game for every young Roblox Explorer looking to improve their Maths skills while having a blast at the same time – many of my students have invested dozens of hours of gameplay, and have flown up the leaderboards, which has resulted in fantastic progress with their Times Tables.

Unsurprisingly, this is also one of the main games that I use in my fun Roblox Maths Classes, and I often play it outside of them too – if you see me online and playing, feel free to jump in and say hello!

So, are your kids ready to take on the challenge too, and become a Maths whiz?

[2] Math Difficulty Chart Obby

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (3)

Topics: Addition, Substruction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages [most key topics within Key Stage 1 – 2 + some in Key Stage 3]

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Math Difficulty Chart Obby’ is a fresh face on the Roblox Maths scene, and a very exciting one at that. It’s a rather unique game on Roblox that you don’t want to miss trying out – the developer PerfectlySquared has put a lot of love into it!

While it follows the familiar formula of navigating obstacle courses and solving Maths problems, what I LOVE about this game is the way it covers so many of the topics within Key Stage 1 – 3, with most other games being fairly basic in the Maths they include. Each level is designed to be both fun and educational, with courses that range from simple jumps to more complex challenges like dodging obstacles and sliding blocks. The game also features a unique difficulty chart that allows players to choose their own challenge level based on their Maths skills, ensuring that players of all ages and abilities can enjoy the game.

It is still a bit rough around the edges as the developer fine-tunes the perfect balance of learning and enjoyment, something very important in any Maths game, so if your child isn’t used to Obbies on Roblox then perhaps play the other games in this list first.

[3] Math Obby

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (4)

Topics: Addition, Substruction, Multiplication, Division.

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Introducing ‘Math Obby’, the grandad of cool Maths games on Roblox, created by the legendary (in my opinion) 0bid0, a 16-year-old Roblox developer who I’ve featured in one of my livestreams! It combines fun platformer-style gameplay with Maths problems and was the inspiration for me to start creating my own Maths games on the platform.

In this game, players navigate through a series of obstacle courses while solving Maths equations at the same time. The obstacles range from simple jumps to more complex challenges to polish your kids’ parkour skills. The Maths problems are designed to test a player’s knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A fantastic game to practise general mathematics on Roblox! Overall, Math Obby provides an entertaining and educational experience that is suitable for players of all ages.

Tips from BrainySpinach: if you want to learn how to ensure the safety of your Roblox Explorers while they are having a blast learning Maths on Roblox – check out our safety guide for Roblox for your peace of mind!

[4] Tower of Math

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (5)

Topics: Addition, Substruction, Multiplication, Division.

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Found in the ‘Fun Creative Builders’ Roblox Group, and created by ‘NoFreeIPS’, get ready to scale new heights with ‘Tower of Math’. This cool Roblox Maths game is an arcade-style experience that challenges players to use their Maths skills to climb, well, a tower!

In the game, players will have to solve Maths problems to progress to the next level of the tower. As players conquer their way through it, the difficulty increases, and the levels become more challenging. However, there are no extreme Maths problems in this Roblox game, so it’s quite a pleasant climb!

But don’t worry, it’s not just about solving Maths problems – players also collect coins along the way they can use to skip some obstacles to climb even higher! It’s also possible to purchase some upgrades and fun items like flying carpets, at a fairly reasonable price compared to many other games on Roblox. With its compelling gameplay and educational content, Tower of Math is a fun and rewarding experience for players of all ages.

[5] Guess the Maths

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (6)

Topics: Addition, Substruction, Multiplication, Division.

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Guess the Maths’, part of the ‘Guess The ???’ series, is another fun Maths game on Roblox for kids. This experience presents players with a series of Maths problems, where they will have to use their critical thinking skills to figure out the answers. The questions are fairly basic in difficulty throughout the majority of the game, ensuring that players of all levels can enjoy the experience. There are a few upgrades that can be purchased through Robux at reasonable prices to make the game more enjoyable.

Overall, it’s a great game for anyone looking to sharpen their Maths skills. Is your Roblox Explorer up for the challenge? Then give it a try!

Tips from BrainySpinach: to take this experience to the next level, have your child join my Roblox Classes to enjoy the Maths fun with a group of other Roblox Explorers! Extra hilarity is guaranteed!

Looking for more Maths games on Roblox? We’ve got you covered! As more cool Roblox Maths games are discovered by yours truly, I’ll add them to this list.

[6] Drop the Number

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (7)

Topics: Addition & Doubling

Age recommendation: for all ages.

Get ready to put your Roblox Explorer’s Maths skills to test with Drop the Number, the awesome Roblox game created by Trelakor, that’s perfect for players of all ages! In this fast-paced, match & merge game, players will race against the clock strategising where to put their numbers as they continuously spawn from above – once a block reaches the red line, it’s game over. How far can they go?

The higher the numbers, the more challenging the game becomes, requiring players to use their Maths skills and quick reflexes to succeed. With its fun colourful design and catchy soundtrack, Drop the Number is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players who enjoy both Maths and arcade-style games. So why not give it a try and see how high your child could climb up the leaderboards? Get ready to Drop the Number on Roblox!

As you can see, Roblox is an excellent platform for learning Maths in a fun and engaging way. It offers a wide variety of Maths-themed games that cover different topics and difficulty levels, catering to learners of all ages and skill levels, with more being released all the time. These games are designed to make Maths more interactive and accessible, using game mechanics and graphics to make learning easy and exciting. Would you want us to cover extreme Maths games on Roblox next? Let us know!

All the games listed above are used in BrainySpinach Maths Roblox Classes to keep students engaged and focussed while polishing their Maths skills. Roblox offers a unique approach to Maths education that can help learners develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and numerical fluency while having fun at the same time.

If you want to try out our Roblox Classes today, don’t hesitate to sign-up for the ones that look most appealing to you!

Top 5 Best Maths Games on Roblox - BrainySpinach (2024)


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