Using Roblox For Math: Innovative Educational Games For Your Child (2024)

Practicing math skills is an essential part of our early elementary homeschools. This is an innovative approach to helping our kids learn their math facts and practice math skills. It uses Roblox and is an educational tool that your child will love!

Using educational games has made all the difference in our homeschool. My son learns best with an element of fun and challenge.

We began adding more and more games to his learning when it became clear that his learning differences required a different approach. ADHD and dyslexia challenged us to think about learning beyond the traditional textbook and worksheets.

What we found was that introducing a multisensory, gamified approach helped him not only understand concepts faster, it helped him retain the learning long-term.

Because this has been such an instrumental part of our homeschool education, I was thrilled to learn more about BRAINIKA Math.

BRAINIKA Math is a math game on Roblox for kids K to 2nd grades. Kids play, solve math problems and develop a habit of practicing math regularly by participating in a 30-days challenge in which they can be rewarded with 400 Robux.

Math Games For Children With ADHD

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BRAINIKA was created by a mom who was tired of trying to force her child with ADHD to learn.

My son, Tim, is diagnosed with ADHD. He gets bored easily and finds it too hard to focus when he is not interested. During the COVID-19 pandemic, both of my kids became lost in Roblox. I felt guilty at first, since many of the games on the platform are mindless. Then, I noticed that Tim had no problem focusing when he played Roblox. I loved that he had found the motivation to focus, but what he was focusing on was not very educational. I had to find a solution! So, myself and my team developed a small game in Roblox surrounding math practice.

Now Tim can play the game he loves and practice school math at the same time. Considering he previously hated Math practice, I was thrilled! Now he does it completely on his own

My team is working hard to add new levels every week. Our mission is to make learning feel like playing to help kids reach their fullest potential in school.

Anika Brain, Founder of BRAINIKA

Anika’s son sounds so much like my own at his age!

Using Roblox For Math: How BRAINKA Works

With this parent based perspective and background, it is no surprise that BRAINIKA is a program designed with the learner in mind.

The obvious advantage is that using Roblox, something your child already loves, makes the learning accessible and diminishes resistance.

Using spaced repetition, built-in practice and tons of positive reinforcement, BRAINIKA makes playing Roblox even more fun than ever!

Specially designed for homeschooling parents to help keep kids engaged and motivated to learn, BRAINIKA offers:

  • Easy progress tracking for parents.
  • 100% SAFE environment – chatting with strangers is disabled.
  • New levels are added regularly.
  • We use the kids’ love for Roblox to make them fall in love with Math.
  • Your kid can make 400 Robux monthly for solving math problems.

Making Roblox Safe For Your Child

BRAINIKA is used on the Roblox platform and kids solve math problems as they play. It is a fantastic way to let your kids try Roblox. Online Chatting with strangers is disabled, so you can rest assured your child is in a safe environment.

Using Roblox For Math: Innovative Educational Games For Your Child

While it is obviously fun for kids, tracking is built into the platform to allow you to see exactly what your child is learning and how they are progressing.

Take a look at this progress report snapshot from BRAINIKA.

Try BRAINIKA For Your Child’s Math Games and Learning

You can try BRAINIKA for a month with a $5.95 one-time payment. (You’ll then have the option to extend month-by-month.)

Or, even better, right now, you get a 50% discount on annual subscription, through this secret link only for our community. This discount will be available until September 30, 2021.

Using Roblox For Math: Innovative Educational Games For Your Child (8)

A Special Invitation From BRAINIKA

If you are a school teacher, an educator or a homeschooling parent with 3+ kids at home who has been using game-based learning and would like to use the BRAINIKA Math game in Roblox in class or for home assignments, BRAINIKA would like to give you FREE access. Reach out to [emailprotected] to inquire.

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Using Roblox For Math: Innovative Educational Games For Your Child (2024)


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