Cool Math Games On Roblox: With Brainika Math (2024)

Would your kids rather play Roblox than actually do math? If so you’re not alone! I mean who would rather do math than play?

Brainika Math has found the solution, they have created cool math games on Roblox!

It’s a win-win, for both moms and kids!

Check out the best homeschool math curriculum.

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Cool Math Games Roblox

Roblox currently has over 42 million daily active subscribers! I know I was shocked as well, 42 million every day play Roblox!

If your child is one of them (my son of course is!) wouldn’t it be great if there were cool math games on there too?

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**Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to write this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other homeschool families will enjoy. There may be affiliate links in this post.**

Well, you don’t have to wait any longer, BRAINIKA has got you covered.

Brainika math was designed with homeschool moms in mind. ADHD experts recommend Brainika as an efficient vehicle to keep kids diagnosed with ADHD attentive and focused longer at solving math problems.

Carry on reading for a review on Brainika Math.

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Roblox Math Games

Brainika Math is a cool math game on Roblox for kids K-2nd grade (fully compatible with the common core curriculum).

As the kids play Roblox they have to answer math questions. Below is a screenshot of my son playing it so you can see an example.

Numbers appear at the top and they have to work out what the missing number is. So for this math problem, the number 10 is at the top, with a line to the number 6, and a missing number. When they jump up to solve the problem they will look down to see three possible solutions.

Cool Math Games On Roblox: With Brainika Math (2)

So for the above question, they will have the choice of the numbers 3, 2, or 4. All they need to do is jump on what they think is the correct answer. So of course in this instance, it was the number 4.

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What I really like about Brainkia Math is that you have FULL access to how they are doing.

  • Easy progress tracking for parents.
  • 100% SAFE environment – chatting with strangers is disabled.
  • New levels are added regularly.
  • Your kid can make 400 Robux monthly for solving math problems with a 30 day challenge!
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You will never have to force your child to do math again.

Struggling to teach multiplication facts? Download our free printable multiplication chart.


If you are a school teacher, an educator, or a homeschooling parent with 3+ kids at home who has been using game-based learning and would like to use the Brainika Math game in Roblox in class or for home assignments, Brainika would like to give you FREE access.

Reach out to to inquire.

Special Offer – BRAINIKA

Access to the game is provided after a $5.95 one-time payment which provides one-month access. No subscription is required. Users can also purchase annual access with a discount or extend month-by-month.

Exclusive 50% discount on the annual subscription.


Personal story of the founder – Anika Brain

Hi! I am Anika, founder of Brainika! We develop educational games on Roblox. I am an education entrepreneur who knows seven languages. I have used my knowledge to build two online language schools and create courses through

My son, Tim, is diagnosed with ADHD. I was tired of trying to force him to learn. He gets bored easily and finds it too hard to focus when he is not interested.

He also remained very attentive whenever he played Minecraft. I loved that he had found the motivation to focus, but what he was focussing on was not very educational.

I had to find a solution! So, myself and my team developed a small game in Roblox surrounding Math practice. Now Tim can play the game he loves and practice school math at the same time. Considering he previously hated Math practice, I was thrilled!

Now he does it completely on his own.

We have an agreement that he plays our Math game before other Roblox games that he loves. His younger sister watches him and has also started doing Roblox Math – she is only 6 years old and working at a 2nd-grade level already.

My team is working hard to add new levels every week. Our mission is to make learning feel like playing to help kids reach their fullest potential in school.

What do you think of these new cool math games? Have you tried Brainika yet?

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Cool Math Games On Roblox: With Brainika Math (2024)


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