Muscle Cars For Sale: 50 Places To Buy Muscle Cars (2024)

Muscle Cars For Sale: 50 Places To Buy Muscle Cars (1)

Finding muscle cars for sale isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Many of us can remember waking up early on a Saturday morning to scour the classifieds in the paper… driving to a gas station to buy printed auto classifieds… and calling on printed ads on phone poles.

Today, we have the ultimate advantage of having the internet at our disposal. This incredible invention has revolutionized the way we buy and sell muscle cars.

We can search 24 hours a day from the comfort of our own phones anywhere in the World.

Using a voice search on your smartphone, you can find classic American muscle cars from AMXs to Z/28s and everything in between.

My, how times have changed.

Not only that, but you can find them at just about every price level, condition, and option package imaginable.

If you’re out of ideas or don’t know where to begin the process, I’ve compiled this list of 50 places to buy muscle cars.

These are the go-to resources I use to find muscle cars for sale. They are organized into three categories: auctions, classifieds, and dealers.

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Where to Find Muscle Cars for Sale

1. Auctions

Auctions are an exciting way to buy a muscle car. However, you’ll almost always pay more should you win the auction. While incredible cars roll through auction houses, they usually aren’t cheap. There are additional fees for both the buyer and the seller, meaning you’ll be paying more for the car when you buy from an auction. That said, sometimes you can get a good deal when there is no reserve and little competition from other bidders.

2. Classifieds

Online classifieds help connect buyers to sellers directly. While every seller is trying to get top dollar for their vehicle, they generally have more room in their pricing because they’re not a business and don’t have the same overhead. Generally speaking, they’re the cheapest resource to find and purchase a vehicle.

3. Dealers

Dealers sell either on consignment or own the cars they’re selling. Some do both. Either way, you’ll pay more because they need to make a profit on each sale to cover commissions and overhead. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you need to know in advance its impact on the final purchase price.

Pre Purchase Considerations

Before you dive into our list, you must arm yourself with the right knowledge to make an informed decision. To assist you in this process, I’ve prepared a handy resource, “The 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Classic Muscle Car.” This invaluable guide will help you navigate the ins and outs of the muscle car world, ensuring you make a purchase that satisfies you for years to come.

Now that you’re prepared with the essential questions, it’s time to consider how you will finance your new muscle car.

While cash is king, many buyers opt for a classic car loan to fund their purchases. This alternative allows you to spread the cost of your dream car over a more extended period, making it a more manageable investment. By understanding your options and securing your financing beforehand, you’ll be ready to make a confident offer when you find the perfect vehicle.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at 50 places online where you can find muscle cars for sale, shall we?

Muscle Cars For Sale: 50 Places To Buy Muscle Cars (2)

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Where to Buy Muscle Cars

Here is a list of 50 places to find classic muscle cars for sale.

A&E Classic Carshttps://www.aeclassiccars.comDealer
All Collector Carshttps://www.allcollectorcars.comDealer
American Dream Machineshttps://www.admcars.comDealer
Antique Carshttps://www.antiquecar.comClassifieds
Barret Jacksonhttps://www.barrett-jackson.comAuctions
Bring a Trailer Auctions
Browns Performance Motor Carshttps://www.brownsperformancemotorcars.comDealer
Carlisle Auctionshttp://www.carlisleauctions.comAuctions
Cars Online
Classic Auto Mallhttps://www.classicautomall.comDealer
Classic Car Dealshttps://www.classiccardeals.comDealer
Classic Carshttps://classiccars.comClassifieds
Classic Connectionshttps://www.classicconnectionsnc.comDealer
Classic Nationhttps://www.classicnation.comClassifieds
Classical Gas Motorshttps://www.classicalgasmotors.comDealer
Collector Car Nationhttps://www.collectorcarnation.comClassifieds
Duffys Classic Carshttps://duffys.comDealer
Dynamic Motorsportshttps://dynamicmotorsports.comDealer
Ebay Auto
Erics Muscle Carshttps://www.ericsmusclecars.comDealer
Facebook Group
Facebook Marketplace
Flemings Ultimate Garagehttps://www.flemingsultimategarage.comDealer
Fossil Carshttp://www.fossilcars.comClassifieds
Gateway Classic Carshttps://www.gatewayclassiccars.comDealer
Goodguys Classifiedshttps://goodguysclassifieds.comClassifieds
Legendary Motorshttps://www.legendarymotorcar.comDealer
Maple Motorshttp://www.maplemotors.comDealer
Muscle Car Place Classifiedshttp://www.themusclecarplace.comClassifieds
North Shore Classicshttps://www.nsclassics.comDealer
Old Car Onlinehttps://www.oldcaronline.comClassifieds
Old Carshttp://www.oldcars.comClassifieds
Old Cars Weeklyhttps://www.oldcarsweekly.comClassifieds
Old Ridehttps://www.oldride.comClassifieds
Racing Junkhttps://www.racingjunk.comClassifieds
Restore a Muscle Carhttps://www.restoreamusclecar.comDealer
RK Motorshttps://www.rkmotors.comDealer
Smokey Mountain Tradershttps://www.smokymountaintraders.comDealer
Southern Motorshttps://www.southernmotors.comDealer
Specialty Saleshttps://www.specialtysales.comDealer
Street Dreamshttps://www.streetdreamstexas.comDealer
Streetside Classicshttps://www.streetsideclassics.comDealer
Timeless Rideshttps://www.timelessrides.comClassifieds
USA Hot Carshttps://www.myhotcars.comDealer
Vanguard Motor Saleshttps://www.vanguardmotorsales.comDealer
Volo Auto Sales

Here’s what you won’t find on this list: I didn’t list any printed classifieds or magazines.


Because they are the slowest and, often, the most disappointing method to find muscle cars for sale.

When something comes out in print, it usually has already been listed online. Time is of the essence, and with printed materials, there is a good chance the car is sold by the time you purchase the publication.

While I would recommend putting these in your mix, I wouldn’t count on them for this reason.

I also didn’t include any regional online classifieds. However, I would encourage you to seek them out in your area.

I found and purchased a survivor 1972 Pontiac GTO and a 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye from my local online classifieds and know they can be a great resource to find a muscle car for sale.

Auctions, classifieds, and dealers all have a place in connecting muscle car buyers with sellers. Which one you choose is up to you.

DISCLAIMER: These resources are provided for informational purposes only. We are not endorsing or recommending them. Use them at your own risk.

Well, there you have 50 places to find muscle cars for sale. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this article!

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Muscle Cars For Sale: 50 Places To Buy Muscle Cars (2024)


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